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RosieHowardPicsDAnyway, that’s enough of me talking about myself… what do you think (about me)? Seriously, communication is a two way thing and I am especially thrilled to hear from;

  1.  friends I don’t see because I am obsessed with my imaginary friends i.e characters
  2. people who love my books
  3. people who hate my books but are prepared to tell me why, which holds – to me – the promise of some of the most interesting conversations ever.

So, see the links above to; sign up to my blog; join me on Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook et al;  or, best of all, just send me an email on rosie(at) That said, all  conversations about serious matters should be taken up with my agent the lovely Julia Silk at MBA Literary Agency.

Finally, if you want to sign up to my e-newsletter service on the right to hear about book launches, competitions and giveaways, I promise to a)  limit myself to the really exciting stuff and b) not share your details with anyone, ever.