Jul 19

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Revealed: the one career-killing thing agents and publishers do to aspiring writers.

If you are a writer approaching an agent or publisher, be aware….How ever good your novel, however polished your synopsis, there is one thing they do when you make contact with them that could kill your career like a bullet through the heart.

The warning came from an audience member at the 2017 RNA Conference last weekend, during a discussion about what bloggers, agents and publishers want from writers.

They Google for “crazy”,

if a quick Google of your name brings up some past indiscretion, a foolish comment perhaps, an unwise affiliation or even a seriously bad Facebook reveal of poor behaviour, your career could be dead in the water.

MBA literary agent Julia Silk, who was on the panel at the 2017 Romantic Novelist Association seminar, admitted she researched a writer who had approached her for representation and unveiled a Twitter storm started off by a remark they had made which was so heinous and appalling she not only decided not to take them on she seriously doubted anyone else would. “It was a career-killing incident,” she said. “It was that bad.”

For a full report on the panel discussion around what agents, bloggers and publishers want – and don’t want –  from writers make sure you get the next issue of ‘Romance Matters’. The magazine is available to members of the Romantic Novelists Association – the organisation writers of romantic fiction, along with others in the industry, can’t afford not to join.