May 31

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My dark secret revealed at last

Yes, it’s true, despite my congenital inability to keep my gob shut I have been harbouring a BIG secret for several months now. OK, I might have told a couple of people… fine, maybe a few more than a couple, aaanyway my huge secret is:

Ta da!

I have signed a hugely exciting TWO BOOK DEAL with Allison and Busby http://www.allisonandbusby.com/ an independent publisher with a reputation for literary books with beautiful covers (well classy) who are just about to celebrate their 50th year. Deep sigh.

Thanks to my beautiful and clever literary agent Julia Silk at MBA Literary Agents I will shortly be working with Allison and Busby to launch a new series around the fictional Sussex community of Havenbury. Think ‘The Archers’ combined with ‘Twin Peaks’ only not quite so bizarre. The first book, provisionally titled ‘A Havenbury Secret’ will come out in hardback, digital and paperback under my new provisionally agreed writing name of ‘Rosie Howard’ at a date to be decided next year. The second book in the series will be out the following year. Beyond there, who knows?

I am thrilled about this new opportunity to get my material out there. I have so much to say and so many stories to tell about my characters in Havenbury who seem more real than real life some days.

“Brave new world that has such people in it.” (One of my favourite lines from The Tempest, Shakespeare.)